Efficient and Effective Subset Selection Process Based On

Corresponding Author: K. Revathi ... like tree structure, ... small amount of labeled data and a large amount of unlabeled data. Affinity propagation algorithm is one ...

Turkish Journal Of Engineering, Science and Technology Sar

G. Revathia,*, P. E. Premb, K ... together shapes and structure obtainable in data. Each algorithm has its own strength and weakness. ... *Corresponding Author:

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ID AUTHOR NAME TITLE 56 ... Revathi T Spanning Tree Covering Algorithm for Mobile ... Jenila S Time Constrained Data Destruction in Cloud

Clustering algorithms: Study and Performance Evaluation

*Correspoding author Bhoj Raj Sharma is a Research Scholar and ... The purpose of clustering algorithm is to organize a a ... Means and K-Medoid Algorithm of IRIS Data.

data Mining Over Large datasets Using Hadoop In Cloud

DATA MINING OVER LARGE DATASETS USING ... 2 revathi@svce.ac.in* *Corresponding author . ... very popular Data Mining Algorithm is used in

Sethu Institute Of Technology - Welcome To Sit

Sethu Institute of Technology ... Effective Background With Protection Data Center In Cloud Computing ... Manipulative a Flexible Routing Structure for Clustering

A Review Of Human Activity Recongnition and Behavior

A.R.Revathi 1 and Dhananjay Kumar 2 ... Objects Classification, behaviour understanding, Tracking, Data Fusion. 1. ... algorithm and a moving edge ...

Ec2303 Computer Architecture and Organization L T P C 3 0

EC2303 -COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE AND ORGANIZATION ... Robertson algorithm, ... Mrs.S. Revathi A.Ramachandran A.Ramachandran . Title: EC2303-CA ...

A Survey On Different Techniques For Message Security and

employed RGB color cube Algorithm and Armstrong number for data ... A. Revathi and Dr. Paul Rodrigues addressed the growth of secure group ... Name of Author

A Survey Of Activity Recognition and Understanding The

algorithm and a moving edge detection framework for the detection of moving ... Data fusion is important for occlusion handling and continuous ... Author: Revathi

Dynamic Route Shortening and Route Repairing Mechanism For

Corresponding Author: S. Revathi, ... The proposed algorithm consisting of (i) ... which is maintained in a data structure, ...

Thiagarajar College Of Engineering - Madurai Department Of

S.No Paper Code Paper Title Author ... 6 NCINM122 An Efficient Approach in Secure Data Transmission through ... complexity of Metadata Structure in DataMart ...

Thiagarajar College Of Engineering Madurai 625 015

paper id title and author ... classification and prediction of data through data mining using decision tree algorithm ... m. revathi, v.r. saraswathy, ...

2011 Sixth International Conference On Bio-inspired

Square Function for Population Size in Quantum Evolutionary Algorithm ... Semigraph Structure on DNA Splicing System ... Author Index ...

Volume 4, Issue 7, July 2014 Issn: 2277 128x International

... contents or data. Web structure mining: ... T. Revathi (Asst. Prof), ... GE YU‟ STUDY ON DATA PREPROCESSING ALGORITHM IN WEB

Itc 2014 - Accepted Full List Accepted Long Paper

ITC2014 – 10F Multilevel Relationship Algorithm for ... Radiating Structure for ... Applications U.Surendar , G.Revathi ...

Actin Network Architecture and Elasticity In Lamellipodia

1 Medical Data Services/Biostatistics, ... 8 Author to whom any correspondence should be addressed. ... Algorithm summary ...

List Of Accepted Papers In India – 2015 Date Of

Paper ID Author Name ... Molecular structure and packing analysis of two nematogenic ... Parallel implementation of FP Growth algorithm on XML data using ...

Mysql For Beginners - Fors

Author Patricia Garcia . ... Pract ice 4 -3 Overview: Create a Structure Diagram 4 -33 5 Table Data Types ... REPLACE Algorithm 9 -9

2010 International Conference On Advances In Computer

An Optimum Multilevel CPU Scheduling Algorithm.....90 Sindhu M., Rajkamal R., and Vigneshwaran P. Wireless Vision Based Mobile Robot Control Using Hand ...

Icssp '14 Accepted Papers With Abstracts

... E.N.Sathishkumar and Thangavel K. Rough Set Based RBREOD Algorithm for ... HIGH CAPACITY DATA HIDING ... under Varying Air Hole Size and Structure: A Study ...

Orchestration Of Web Services Based On Tqos Using User and

... Ms. V.Revathi2 1Principal ... A Web service is a collection of open protocols and standards for exchanging data between ... It denotes the basic structure of an ...

Index To Defence Science Journal, Volume 62, 2012

Optimal Coning Algorithm, 361 ... Structure, 284 ... Track Data and Correction of Tracking Parameters, 420

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Title Author Subject Page No. ... 25 Analysis of box culvert considering soil structure interaction ... Transform Domain Algorithm for Copyright Authentication

Index [theglobaljournals]

Title Author Subject Page No. ... 25 Analysis of box culvert considering soil structure interaction ... Transform Domain Algorithm for Copyright Authentication

Genetic Imprints Of Pleistocene Origin Of Indian

... Sonali Gaikwad 1, Revathi Rajkumar 1, ... *Corresponding Author: Dr. V K Kashyap, ... linguistic data (Renfrew 1989) ...

Data Warehousing in the Age of Big Data (Repost)

…| 370 pages | PDF | 16,5 MB Data Warehousing in the Age of the Big Data will help you and your organization make the most of unstructured data with your existing data war…

Data Just Right: Practical Big Data Analytics

…656 | 2013 | 256 pages | PDF, EPUB | 10 MB Making Big Data Work: Real-World Use Cases and Examples, Practical Code, Detailed Solutions Large-scale data analysis is now vi…