District Informatics Raigarh: Extending It To Masses S

(http://cg.nic.in/ePayroll/): The project was recently imple-mented in the district especially to speed up the disbursement of salaries of government employees

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Special. Comill - Education Resources Information Center

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Developing Android Applications with Adobe AIR (Repost)

Véronique Brossier, “Developing Android Applications with Adobe AIR” 2011 | pages: 304 | ISBN: 1449394825 | PDF | 3,6 mb Put your ActionScript 3 skills to work building mobile apps. This book shows you how to develop native applications for Android-based smartphones and tablets from the ground up, using Adobe AIR. You learn the entire […]

Femme Actuelle N 1554 – 7 au 13 Juillet 2014

Femme Actuelle N 1554 – 7 au 13 Juillet 2014French | HQ PDF | 104 Pages | 103 Mb