256 E-governance: Case Studies Chapter 20 E-kosh: Online

256 e-Governance: Case Studies e-Kosh: Online Computerisation of Treasuries, Chhattisgarh D Rama Prasada Rao Scientist, NIC Raipur M K Mishra

District Informatics Raigarh: Extending It To Masses S

(http://cg.nic.in/ePayroll/): The project was recently imple-mented in the district especially to speed up the disbursement of salaries of government employees

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American Girl Magazine – June 2014

FREEDownload : American Girl Magazine – June 2014 American Girl Magazine – June 2014English | 52 pages | True PDF | 9.00 MB

Western Shooting Journal – August 2014

Western Shooting Journal – August 2014English | 152 Pages | PDF | 42.90 MbWestern Shooting Journal is a Gun Magazine that covers different topics for the Gun Enthusiasts & Community from all Walks of Life.