Morton’s recipes Using Morton’s Products

Morton's Recipes: (Recipe formulas courtesy of Morton Salt and others unknown.) ... 5 tbsp. Morton’s Tender Quick mix or Morton Sugar Cure (plain) mix

Wisconsin Meat Facts And Analysis - Food Safety

Recipe No. 1 produces a lightly seasoned jerky in which the flavor of the meat, pepper and liquid smoke predominate. ... *Morton's Tender Quick Salt ...

Morton tender quick

Morton Tender Quick For meats, ... or processed according to the recipe. Making Canadian Bacon - Trim a whole pork loin of all membranes and sinews. Use 1

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½ cup Morton tender quick ...

Jerky recipes - Deejay's Smoke Pit

This recipe is for 5 lbs. lean ground meat. Deejay’s Basic Burger Jerky 1 teaspoon Prague Powder #1 or 2 tablespoons Morton's Tender Quick salt 1/3 ...

Smoked Venison Bacon Roll - Whitetail Deer Of Texas

Smoked Venison Bacon Roll Venison is a lean meat that dries out easily when cooked. This Smoked Venison Bacon Roll recipe is designed to keep the meat moist and tender.

Venison Jerky recipe - Whitetail Deer Of Texas

Venison Jerky Recipe An Easy Venison Jerky Recipe This excellent venison jerky recipe that works well with beef, ... Add one tablespoon of Morton's® Tender-Quick®.

Nitrate/nitrite Curing Agents - Deejay's Smoke Pit

Morton's Tender Quick is a mixture of salt, sodium nitrite, ... liquid portion of the sausage recipe. and in my humble opinion works equally as well

Bologna - From A Morton’s Salt 1940 S recipe Booklet.

BOLOGNA - From A Morton’s Salt 1940’s Recipe Booklet. ... Tender Quick and let cure. After 48 hours, regrind the cured beef, using a plate with 1/8” size holes.

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Morton’s Tender Quick Curing Salt™. ... (This recipe is based on an 11.8 total pickup of brine. After injecting brine and soaking in the brine, birds

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Available around here is "Morton Tender Quick" and "Morton Sugar Cure". ... Morton's recipe on the container says 1 cup per quart of H2O. Even if the salt to sugar

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in this recipe. However, feel free to substitute your own ... Sprinkle the Morton Tender Quick cure over the mixture, add the remaining ingredients, and mix

Basic Brine recipe - Nex-tech

Basic Brine Recipe 1 ... 1 cup Morton Tender Quick available in most grocery stores in the spice isle. ½ cup honey warmed 3 ½ cups clean room temp water.

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Basic Recipe 1 pound meat (regular ground beef, lamb, pork, ... *Morton’s Tender Quick can be purchased on line or found in some specialty cooking stores.

Beef Or Venison Jerky recipes - Food Safety

Morton's Tender Quick Salt (containing nitrate and nitrite) may be used instead of regular salt. ... Jerky Recipe No. 2 Mix together to prepare seasoning:

Jerky - 50webs

3 Tbs. Morton's Tender Quick ... for a more tender, brittle jerky slice across the grain.] 3. Mix all the ingredients, except the meat, to get them well dissolved.

Smoked Turkey Breast - 50webs

This recipe is quite ... ¼ cup Morton’s Tender Quick 115.0 g 3 Tbs. Liquid Hickory Smoke 45.0 ml 2 Tbs. Gelatin 17.0 g 1 tbs. Spice mixture* 15.0 ml

How Salt Curing Meat - Tripod

commonly available curing product is Morton's Tender Quick. It is a mixture of salt, sodium nitrite, ... This recipe was taken from a tiny home-made recipe book, ...

General Tips For Cooking Venison - Purdue University

Ground venison can be used in just about any recipe that nor- ... Age of animal-younger animals are more tender; ... Morton’s Tender Quick Salt 1 t. Accent ...

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Home & Miscellaneous Nuts & Food Seasoning Morton Tender Quick-- Morton International Fast cure product for meat, poultry, game, salmon, shad, and sablefish; can

Wild Side Of The Menu No. 3: Preservation Of Game Meats

After pumping, apply dry cure using the recipe below or a commercial product.* ... “Morton Tender Quick Cure” or other products are appropriate.

Game And Fish recipes - North Carolina Wildlife Resources

2 tablespoons Morton® Tender Quick® salt ½ teaspoon red pepper ... (This recipe for meat requires a different cooking time and steps compared to canning fish, ...

Dry Curing - The Survival Podcast

replacing Morton Tender Quick for cure #1 in a recipe, do not add the salt that the recipe calls for. Amount of Meat/Fat Amount of Cure Vol. Wt.

Sp 50-735 Summer Sausage Tips - Home | Oregon State

The standard recipe usually uses 4 pounds of ground venison or turkey to 1 pound of ground pork. ... *Morton’s Tender Quick is not always available locally, ...

The Williams-guest Family recipe Collection

Williams-Guest Family Recipe Collection Page 2 of 34 Index (Hyper links) SIDES ... 5 tsp. Morton’s Tender Quick Salt (go easy) 5 tsp. regular salt (go easy)

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recipe by : romeo's sausage & speciality,baton rouge,la ... (morton tender quick is ok) 2 cups dry milk (not quick dissolving) or soy pro 1 quart ...

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recipe, stewed separately to make gravy or used in another recipe by itself. ... cured in Morton Tender Quick® and then smoked for a couple hours. The flavor

Wild Side Of The Menu No. 3 Preservation Of Game Meats

After pumping, apply dry cure using the recipe below or a commercial product.* ... Made by B. Heller and Company; "Morton Tender Quick Cure" or other products are

Wild Game Sausage Making - Ask The Meatman

Follow the recipe for the proper lean-to-fat ratio to ensure good ... 1/2 cup Morton’s Tender Quick Salt 2 1/2 cups vegetable oil 5 teaspoons garlic powder

Bob Kinderman’s Casserole recipes - Fox Valley Chapter

1 Bob Kinderman’s Casserole Recipes Hamburger and Macaroni Casserole This is a quick and easy recipe that will work equally well with beef, venison or turkey burger.

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