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Morton's Recipes: (Recipe formulas courtesy of Morton Salt and others unknown.) ... 5 tbsp. Morton’s Tender Quick mix or Morton Sugar Cure (plain) mix

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Page 1 of 2 Morton Tender Quick For meats, poultry and fish, Morton Tender Quick is a mixture of curing salts and other ingredients. Many types of cured meat products ...

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MAKING BEEF JERKY AT HOME ... *Morton's Tender Quick Salt ... muscle jerky can also be added to the ground meat to make restructured jerky. An example of one recipe

Bologna - From A morton’s Salt 1940 S recipe Booklet.

BOLOGNA – MORTON’S RECIPE Page 1 of 1 26 Lyerly St. Houston, TX 77022 713-691-2935 800-356-5189 Fax: 713-691-3250 For more recipes ... Tender Quick and let cure.

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Jerky Recipes The Best Information ... 3 Men Jerky Recipe ... 1 teaspoon Prague Powder #1 or 2 tablespoons Morton's Tender Quick salt 1/2 lb brown sugar

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Venison Summer Sausage (Elaine’s Favorite) 4 lbs venison burger 1 lb pork butt or pork sausage Grind meat and mix together 5 teaspoons – Morton’s Tender Quick Salt

Summer Sausage

5 teaspoons Morton's tender quick salt (curing calt) 3-1/2 ... Homemade Summer Sausage "A great but easy recipe to use up extra ground venison, elk, moose or beef.

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Available around here is "Morton Tender Quick" and "Morton Sugar Cure". ... Morton's recipe on the container says 1 cup per quart of H2O. Even if the salt to sugar

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Smoked Buckboard Bacon Deejay’s Recipe Cards Buckboard Bacon From pork shoulder ... * Instacure #1 or Prague Powder #2 or Morton’s Tender Quick and

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Smoked Venison Bacon Roll Venison is a lean meat that dries out easily when cooked. This Smoked Venison Bacon Roll recipe is designed to keep the meat moist and tender.

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Venison Jerky Recipe An Easy Venison Jerky Recipe This excellent venison jerky recipe that works well with beef, ... Add one tablespoon of Morton's® Tender-Quick®.

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Morton's Tender Quick Salt (containing nitrate and nitrite) may be used instead of regular salt. ... Recipe 1 produces a lightly seasoned jerky; Recipe

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Tender Quick ®, Morton ® Sugar Cure ® (Plain) ... Originally Posted by bilder The above recipe comes from what many consider the bible of meat curing ...

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sausage recipe. Refeed the mixture into grinder and through the sausage stuffer. 27 Cheese and Mushroom Sausages ... 4 Tbsp. Morton Tender Quick salt 1/4 Tsp ...

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considered a quick cure, because it starts curing ... replacing Morton Tender Quick for cure #1 in a recipe, do not add the salt that the recipe calls for.

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One other commonly available curing product is Morton's Tender Quick. It is a mixture of salt, sodium nitrite, sodium nitrate and sugar.

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Summer Sausage Tips ... The standard recipe usually uses 4 pounds of ground venison ... 1½ tsp. Morton’s Tender Quick salt* 2 Tbsp. Morton’s Tender Quick salt*

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Smoked Turkey Breast ... This recipe is quite ... ¼ cup Morton’s Tender Quick 115.0 g 3 Tbs. Liquid Hickory Smoke 45.0 ml

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Game Meats and Fish ... After pumping, apply dry cure using the recipe below ... “Morton Tender Quick Cure” or other products are appropriate.

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Basic Recipe 1 pound meat (regular ground beef, lamb, pork, ... *Morton’s Tender Quick can be purchased on line or found in some specialty cooking stores.

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How Salt Curing Meat ... commonly available curing product is Morton's Tender Quick. It is a mixture of salt, ... This recipe was taken from a tiny home-made ...

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2 tablespoons Morton® Tender Quick® salt ½ teaspoon ... the jar or used in a variety of recipes. (This recipe for fish requires a different cooking time and steps ...

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Salt Curing Meat in Brine ... One other commonly available curing product is Morton's Tender Quick. ... This recipe was taken from a tiny home-made recipe book, ...

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1 cup Morton Tender Quick available in most grocery stores in the spice isle. ... Inject 2 to 3 cups of Tender Quick solution into pork butt making

Smoked Salmon

1 T Morton’s Tender Quick 1 t fresh ground black pepper apple wood Wash and pat dry with paper towels. If the fish has the skin on remove. (Costco salmon is a

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Morton Tender Quick (follow the instructions on package) ... Here is the recipe from Alton Brown of Food Network: Beef Jerky Recipe courtesy Alton Brown, 2005

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Curing and smoking imparts a unique, ... Other seasonings according to your recipe 6) ... Morton’s Tender Quick Curing Salt™.

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Williams-Guest Family Recipe Collection Page 2 of 34 Index (Hyper links) SIDES ... 5 tsp. Morton’s Tender Quick Salt (go easy) 5 tsp. regular salt (go easy)

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... "Morton Tender Quick Cure" or other products are ... References include "A Complete Guide to Home Curing of Meat," by Morton Salt Co. ... cure recipe, add sugar ...

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recipe, stewed separately to ... cured in Morton Tender Quick® and then smoked for a couple hours. ... hours, or until the rabbit is tender but not falling apart.

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Meat curing is the application of salt, color fixing ingre-dients, and seasoning in order to impart unique properties to the end product. Historical Background

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Wild Game Sausage Making ... Follow the recipe for the proper lean-to-fat ratio to ensure good ... 1/2 cup Morton’s Tender Quick Salt

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