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Morton's Recipes: (Recipe formulas courtesy of Morton Salt and others unknown.) CORN BEEF ... 5 tbsp. Morton’s Tender Quick mix or Morton Sugar Cure (plain) mix

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Page 1 of 2 Morton Tender Quick For meats, poultry and fish, Morton Tender Quick is a mixture of curing salts and other ingredients. Many types of cured meat products ...

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WISCONSIN MEAT FACTS AND ... Experience With This Recipe: I recently made some jerky following ... 2 tsp. salt --may substitute 2-1/2 tsp. Morton Tender Quick Salt to ...

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3 Men Jerky Recipe ... 1 teaspoon Prague Powder #1 or 2 tablespoons Morton's Tender Quick salt 1/2 lb brown sugar 2 cups soy sauce Spices of you choice . . .

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Here's the recipe: Venison Jerky Marinade (for 5 pounds of meat) Mix together one half cup each of water and soy sauce. Add one tablespoon of Morton's® Tender-Quick®.

Bologna - From A morton’s Salt 1940 S recipe Booklet.

BOLOGNA – MORTON’S RECIPE Page 1 of 1 26 Lyerly St. Houston, TX 77022 713-691-2935 800-356-5189 Fax: 713-691-3250 For more recipes ... Tender Quick and let cure.

Summer Sausage

Here's a great venison summer sausage recipe that you can make right in the kitchen without resorting ... 4 Tbsp. Morton Tender Quick salt 1/4 Tsp. garlic powder

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Nitrate/Nitrite Curing Agents ... Morton's Tender Quick is a mixture of salt, ... liquid portion of the sausage recipe. and in my humble opinion works equally as well

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Basic Recipe 1 pound meat (regular ground beef, lamb, pork, ... *Morton’s Tender Quick can be purchased on line or found in some specialty cooking stores.

Beef Or Venison Jerky recipes - Uw Food Safety And Health

Morton's Tender Quick Salt (containing nitrate and nitrite) may be used instead of regular salt. ... Recipe 1 produces a lightly seasoned jerky; Recipe

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Available around here is "Morton Tender Quick" and "Morton Sugar Cure". Does anyone here have experience ... If I am following a recipe, I add my cure, subtracting

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commonly available curing product is Morton's Tender Quick. It is a mixture of salt, ... This recipe was taken from a tiny home-made recipe book, "Remember Mama's

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3 Tbs. Morton's Tender Quick ... for a more tender, brittle jerky slice across the grain.] 3. Mix all the ingredients, except the meat, to get them well dissolved.

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Morton’s Tender Quick Curing Salt™. ... most of the salt and sugar called for in the recipe. Nitrite gives poultry meat an attractive light pink color after heating.

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Smoked Turkey Breast ... This recipe is quite ... ¼ cup Morton’s Tender Quick 115.0 g 3 Tbs. Liquid Hickory Smoke 45.0 ml

The Meat Smoking And Curing Faq

I use Morton Tender Quick and brown sugar. Rub down a slab of fresh bacon (pork ... This recipe is based on one from from [6] with minor modifications, ...

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Recipe by Verla Cress ... One other commonly available curing product is Morton's Tender Quick. It is a mixture of salt, sodium nitrite, sodium nitrate and

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2 tablespoons Morton® Tender Quick® salt ½ ... Roast uncovered until tender ... the jar or used in a variety of recipes. (This recipe for fish requires a different ...

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Follow the recipe for the proper lean-to-fat ratio to ensure good ... 1/2 cup Morton’s Tender Quick Salt 2 1/2 cups vegetable oil 5 teaspoons garlic powder

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The standard recipe usually uses 4 pounds of ground venison or turkey to 1 pound of ground pork. ... *Morton’s Tender Quick is not always available locally, ...

Wild Side Of The Menu No. 3: Preservation Of Game Meats

“Morton Tender Quick Cure” or other products are appropriate. Each product has its own recipes. ... have a specific pickle cure recipe, add sugar to equal

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Morton Tender Quick and Sugar Cure ... considered a quick cure, because it starts curing ... replacing Morton Tender Quick for cure #1 in a recipe,

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Game Sausage Recipes, ... Recipe By : ROMEO'S SAUSAGE ... 4 Tbsp. Morton Tender Quick salt 1/4 Tsp. garlic powder 1/4 Tsp ...

The Williams-guest Family recipe Collection

Williams-Guest Family Recipe Collection Page 2 of 34 Index (Hyper links) SIDES ... 5 tsp. Morton’s Tender Quick Salt (go easy) 5 tsp. regular salt (go easy)

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recipe, stewed separately to make gravy or used in another recipe by itself. ... cured in Morton Tender Quick® and then smoked for a couple hours. The flavor

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After pumping, apply dry cure using the recipe below or a commercial product.* ... Made by B. Heller and Company; "Morton Tender Quick Cure" or other products are


This is a recipe that I received from Eva Harris in 1950 and have made for my family many, ... 5 heaping teaspoons Morton's Tender Quick 2 teaspoons peppercorns

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MORAGA PEAR RECIPE CONTEST WINNERS 1999 – 2012 All the Pear Recipe Contest winners since 1999 Best recipes in town Let's get cookin'!

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-Merle Morton, PT at the Allan ... Here’s a quick and easy recipe for lentil soup with ... about 1 hour or until the lentils and the carrots are tender.

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Hunter Morton (Executive Chef, Max’s ... refrigerate overnight. Discard the water. Proceed with recipe. QUICK-SOAK METHOD: ... with lid tilted until tender, ...

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proclaimed “Pumpkin Capital of the World” is Morton, ... To make salted pumpkin seeds follow this simple recipe: ... Here are two quick and simple recipes Raquel ...

Dry Beans And Peas - Usda

Hunter Morton (Executive Chef, Max’s ... Discard the water. Proceed with recipe. QUICK-SOAK METHOD: ... with lid tilted until tender, ...

Dry Beans And Peas

Hunter Morton (Executive Chef, Max’s ... Discard the water. Proceed with recipe. QUICK-SOAK METHOD: ... with lid tilted until tender, ...

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Joslin Diabetes Center an affiliate at Morton Plant Hospital 455 Pinellas St. Clearwater, FL 33756 (727) 461-8300 clearwater.joslin@baycare DIABETES NEWSLETTER

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Morton's neuroma is a condition that involves a ... Looking for a quick meal that will please the young ... sharp edges that could scrape against tender skin ...

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Chocolate Drinks Au Chocolat frozen hot chocolate - 12 an all-time favourite, you won’t be able to resist this cold chocolatey rush! Rich & creamy chocolate fudge ...

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offers quick-stop market items including fresh garden, ... Flamers’ recipe for its tremendous ... Jacksonville's Morton's, ...

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Page 2 Healthy Eating for Country Kids—Newsletter Term 2, 2012 In celebration of Healthy Bones Week and Fruit&Vege month the recipe this term is a quick

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Depending on the recipe, ... quick glaze. to replace: ... sandwich loaves, where a tender crumb is desirable. HoW tostore: ...

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Choices Card Application under the Quick Links section. ... simmer 15 minutes or until tender. Drain. Cool slightly and peel. ... HEALTHY EATING RECIPE

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a quick check of my PDa to make sure it’s still the 21st century. ... From Morton’s, Vancouver 30 oz (3, 10-oz bags) ... Cheese salad recipe (pictured, ...


produces a juicy and tender turkey for your table! ... This quick and simple holiday green bean recipe is a great addition to your holiday table ... Morton & Bassett

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and celeriac batons and cook until tender. ... Each recipe meets your protein requirements and ... Kyle Cathie Limited

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Mercy Bariatric Newsletter SEPTEMBER 2012 ... • Recipe Box Support Groups: ... Dash Morton’s Lite salt and pepper, ...

Healthy Choices March

t Cheek-Powell Wellness Center at Morton Plant Mease, 462-7656 t Clearwater YMCA, ... Choices Card Application under the Quick Links section.. ... HEALTHY EATING RECIPE

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Colin Morton We Made a Wreck of ... his tender knowing of what violence does to a woman, which bones ... with my recipe for molasses bread or jellied salad with beets.

Hello, Again Sea Salt Or Table Salt?

Morton Sea Salt - 26 ounces ... nutrients intact and leaves the vegetables tender ... Here is a basic stir fry recipe. Leave out the meat if desired. Add LOTS of ...

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... and tempting recipe suggestions for all the Drunken Botanist plants. ... tender perennials, ... Helianthus hybridus F1 ‘Double Quick Orange’

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District 3 — Carl Morton ... Visit recipe editor Christin McKamey’s website, veggiechick, ... Thisis a quick, healthy meal that is

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to view Recipe of the Week! 2 pounds ... appendaam swiss cheese A new mild Swiss from Boar's Head. SAVE $1.00 lB. 2.99 lB. ... or Quick oats 42 oz. SAVE $3.90 on 2 2 ...

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