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UNIT - 01 Invertebrate: Dissections: 1. Earthworm - Nervous System. 2. Cockroach /Prawn - Nervous System. Mountings: 1. Earthworm: Body Setae, Penial Setae.

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Zoology Rexine Charts € Silkworm Life system (ELB.106.115.06) Polyart Charts are multicoloured, accurate in details, printed on plastic, laminated on both sides ...

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20 Prawn Nervous system 21 Prawn Circulatory system 22 Scorpion External Character, Dorsal & Ventral View B13088 C M B Y. CHARTS AMPHIBIA 1Frog External character

The Structur An Conductiode N Velocity Of The Medullated

central nervous system of the prawn was dissected out in sea water, and then lifted from this on the platinized platinum wire electrodes into a layer of paraffin oil. The

Studies On Neurosecretory Cells in The Abdominal Ganglia

nervous system of the prawn. L A histological study for mapping the neurosecretory cells. Folia Morpkol. •2A: 148-154. 336 . Created Date: 3/25/2009 2:37:12 PM ...

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Prawn: Nervous system. Frog: Arterial system, venous system UNIT II: MINOR DISSECTION Earthworm: Lateral hearts. Cockroach: Reproductive system UNIT III: MOUNTING

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Cockroach : Digestive system, Nervous system c. Prawn – Nervous system,Appendages. d. Pila - Nervous system 4. Minor Dissection a. Hastate plate and appendages of Prawn

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case within the nervous system of the prawn. Perception would emerge here from a chain of interpretants deployed at that level—from a process of interpretance.

Anomalous Anatomy Of Identified Neurons in The Larval

LARVAL PRAWN: SPONTANEOUS AND INDUCED BY ... No collateral sprouting was detected in the central nervous system. In about a third of the ganglia ...

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Cockroach : Digestive system,Nervous systm,. c. Prawn : Nervous System, Appendages. 4 Minor Dissection a. Hastate plate and appendages of Prawn. b.

Impact Of Heavy Metal Exposure On The Nervous system And

Impact of Heavy Metal Exposure on the Nervous System and Endocrine-MediatedProcesses in Crustaceans ... prawn, Caridina rajadhari, was studied by Reddy First Year Zoology Life And Diversity Of Animals (i

Prawn:- Nervous System Scoliodon:- Digestive System, Heart And ventral Aorta, Afferent arteries, Brain and cranial nerves 4) Mountings:- Spicules and gemmules of sycon.

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Prawn: Nervous system, digestive systems Scoliodon: Digestive system, heart and ventral Aorta, Afferent arteries, Brain 4) Mountings: Spicules and gemmules of sycon ...

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Prawn : Appendages, Digestive system, Nervous System. Cockroach : D igestive System, Nervous System, Mouth parts. Earthworm: Digestive System, Nervous System ...

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Digestive system of prawn,Pilaand Lamellidens. b. Circulatory system of earthworm and prawn. c. Nervous system of cockroach, grasshopper, prawn,PilaandLamellidens. 5.

Cardiovascular Function And Evolution in Crustacea

924 exits the heart anteriorly and flows over the cephalic nervous system and eye-stalks before passing back via identified channels through the tissues, eventually ...

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Central nervous system: brain and spinal cord, lobes of the brain and their functional role, motor areas, somatosensory areas ... Cornea of prawn/cockroach b.

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prawn fishing at the lakes Maduganga/Madampe and ... over exposures may cause central nervous system aspiration in to lungs can cause chemical pneumonia

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Nervous System: Cells of nervous system; Nerve impulses — membrane potential, ... Study of General Anatomy, Appendages, Div' give & Nervous System in Prawn 9.

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Nervous system: See drawing . ... Prawn sense organs are: compound eyes, statocysts, tangoreceptors and chemoreceptors. 1- Compound eyes: Pair of stalked compound eyes.

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Dissection of prawn, or pila 10 Marks Identification of plankton 08 Marks ... Nervous System 6th Turn – Revision 7th Turn – Revision 8th Turn – Dissection: Pila (autonomous) Kakinada - Pithapur Raja's

Digestive / nervous system in prawn. 3. 1. Isolation of Pitutary gland from fish ... Nervous system – brain Genetics 1. Gene interaction with Three examples

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Prawn (i) Digestive system (ii) Nervous system 3. Cockroach (i) Nervous system (ii) Reproductive system (Male and Female) 4. Pila (i) Digestive system (ii) Nervous ...

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Describe the Nervous system of prawn. Long Answer Questions. Answer any TWO of the following: 30. 31. 32. 33. Explain life cycle of obelia with labelled diagram.

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Dissection of Prawn a . Digestive system . b . Nervous system . c . Mountings . i Mouth parts ii Thoracic appendages iii Abdominal appendages iv Cornea v Statocyst

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Prawn –Ext. Morphology, Digestive System, Respiratory System, Nervous System. 8. ... Nervous System: Primitive Nervous System- Coelenterates and Echinoderms.

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Prawn : Digestive system, Nervous system. Mounting in Prawn: Appendages. FORMAT OF QUESTION PAPER FOR PRACTICAL Z-P.1:BIOLOGY OF NONCHORDATA ... (part Ii) - Zoology - University Of Kota

excretory, reproductive and nervous system and sense organs of scorpion & prawn (Palaemon). ... 3. Aquaculture : Prawn and molluscan fisheries; pearl culture. 4.

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Nervous system Any Carp (Bony fish) : General Anatomy 2. ... Planaria, Earthworm, Nereis, Leech, Prawn, Scorpion, Grass hopper, Fresh water mussel, Pila, ...

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... Vertebrate nervous system: (2 lecture-more details will be dealt with in the Lab ... Dissection & display of Nervous system in invertebrates – earthworm / prawn /

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