Annexure Xviii - Gujarat State Fertilizer & Chemicals

ANNEXURE XVIII From : Name Address Pin Code Tel. No. Fax No. E-mail To, M/s ... Sub: Request for Revalidation of dividend warrant(s) Folio No.

Banking Operations File M-6 S-402 Sub : Department 'at Par

The Corporation has issued Interest Warrant on our Anna Salai Branch ... Specimen of the warrant Image of the warrant is appended ... Revalidated Dividend Warrants:

Secretarial Practice (52)

140 Introduction Now it becomes necessary to give formal, traditional, recent education in Commerce and Industry along with practical knowledge so as

Letter of Undertaking [for Issue of Duplicate dividend

[For issue of Duplicate Dividend Warrant(s ... duplicate Dividend Warrant(s) along with Interest @ 15 ... filled in and signed as per the specimen ...

Investment Income, Not Underwriting Performance, Drives

... with a steady shift from interest or dividend income to profit from the sale of investments. ... are revised as and when circumstances so warrant.


dividend warrant [2 interest warrant refund order / pay order buy back cheque ... specimen signature (s) (c) other queries not specified in (a) & (b) above .

Declaration Cum Indemnity Release of Unpaid Divide

* also undertake that if the aforesaid original dividend warrant(s) ... together with an interest @ ... be furnished duly filled in and signed as per the specimen ...

Instruction - Balasore Alloys

dividend warrant interest/warrant . tax deduction certificate (form 16a) tax amount : bonus shares right shares /debs /bonds (c ... specimen signatures

Agency-22 File

Name of the issue Dividend Warrant for ... Specimen of the Warrant Refer ... already been opened at service branches to account for the normal interest / dividend ...

Transfer of Shares - Banswara Syntex

Transfer of Shares: ... it is in your interest to encash the dividend warrant immediately. ... and with the new specimen signature duly attested by a Notary

Payment Instruments In India - Reserve Bank of India

Payment Instruments in India ... Interest Warrant is issued. ... Interest or Dividend warrants and refund orders are issued by the companies with a prior

Investor’s Faq - Aditya Birla Nuvo Limited

Any change in the specimen ... The following ways to receive the corporate benefits i.e dividend / interest are listed below: The warrant ... dividend/interest ...

Query Form - :: Welcome To Sharex ::

dividend warrant 1) folio no (s) : interest warrant refund order ... to us sharex reply to you specimen signatures

G I Post office I Savings Bank - Institute For American Values

THE REPAYMENT OF DEPOSITS with interest ... furnishes a specimen signature. ... &c. ^ Cheque, Dividend Warrant, Postal

Information For Investors - Mesco Steel

To enable remittance of dividend through NECS, ... and name and address of the bank can be printed on the dividend warrant: (A) ... in their own interest, ...

Tsr Darashaw Limited - Tata Steel

TSR DARASHAW LIMITED ... One Form is to be completed per folio and the specimen signatures of all the shareholders in the folio are required ... dividend warrant ...


... should sign in the place provided for specimen ... / dividend warrant(s) ... therein the details of account where the dividend/interest is to be ...

Hero Motocorp Ltd. - Business Standard

NOTICE is hereby given that the 29 th Annual General Meeting of the Members of Hero MotoCorp Ltd. will be ... printed on the dividend warrant(s) ... specimen recorded ...

Ac - Copy

Give the specimen of any two ofthe ... Dividend Warrant. 10. Write short notes on any four of ... Underwriting Of Shares (e) Interest (f) Forfeiture Of Shares. 1 ...

Morningstar Document Research

If the only securities being registered on this form are being offered pursuant to dividend or interest reinvestment plans, ... 4.3 Specimen Warrant Certificate*

Cimb Bank Berhad (13491-p) Terms & Conditions of Trader

TERMS & CONDITIONS OF TRADER DEPOSIT ACCOUNT Eligible for protection by PIDM ... opened with CIMB IB and for the crediting of interest ... dividend, warrant or other ...

Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting - Razor and Blade

OF DIRECTORS’ INTEREST REGARDING ... number can be mentioned on your dividend warrant in compliance with the ... resolution/power of attorney with specimen ...

Notice of Annual General Meeting

with specimen signature shall be ... through dividend warrant at your registered address). ... vii Rate of interest, ...

Ifs Level 3: Certificate For Financial Advisers and

UK Financial Regulation Specimen Paper A June 2008 Page 1 of 31 Introduction to the Financial Services Environment and Products ... interest and capital. ...


... The members who have not yet encashed the dividend warrant(s) for the years 2002-03, 2003-04, ... To declare final dividend on equity shares for the Year

For Physical Shares

For physical shares Transfer of Shares: Transfer of shares implies transfer of ownership of shares. Transfer of shares involves the following points, which need to

Part C Specific Terms and Conditions Governing Deposits

refuse payment if the signature differs from the specimen on BOC’s records. ... dividend warrant or ... interest payable and determine the amount of such ...

Suraj Cotton Mills Limited Notice of Annual General Meeting

... the Board of Directors’ resolution/power of attorney with specimen ... 2011 to issue dividend warrant only ... which is not in the interest of the ...

Switch Instruction For The Stanlib dividend Income Fund

Portfolio name STANLIB DIVIDEND INCOME FUND ... are used, certain participatory interest holders may carry a lower proportion of the performance ...

Ifs Level 3: Certificate For Financial Advisers and

SPECIMEN PAPER C 2 hours INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES 1. This question paper consists of 100 questions. Each question ... B They offer a fixed rate of interest.

Terms and Conditions Current Account Eligible For

TERMS AND CONDITIONS CURRENT ACCOUNT Eligible for protection by PIDM ... The specimen signature of ... dividend, warrant or other instruments presented by the ...


the dividend warrant(s) based on the information received from the concerned Depositories, without confirmation from them. In this regard, members are advised to ...

Notice of Annual General Meeting - Ittehad Chemicals Limited

Multifabrics Limited (CMFL) ... 2012 to issue dividend warrant(s) ... directly or indirectly, do not have any interest in this matter.

Bank of Baroda

Bank of Baroda Offshore Branch ... Specimen Signature Card in duplicate. ... dividend/interest warrant or other instruments presented by the customer for collection; ...

State Bank of India,

my/our specimen signature(s) below. ... on any cheque, dividend/interest warrant or other instruments presented by me ... c Interest on Balance

Sorrento Therapeutics, Inc.

If the only securities being registered on this Form are being offered pursuant to dividend or interest ... 4.1 Specimen Common ... 4.3* Form of Warrant ...

Thirumalai Chemicals Limited

Thirumalai Chemicals Limited ... SPECIMEN SIGNA TURE ... In the event of loss of an Interest Warrant, the Company may at its

State Bank of India,

specimen signature(s) below. ... dividend/interest warrant or other instruments presented by ... Interest on Balance ...

Shahmurad Sugar Mills Ltd.

• Activities and involvement of directors and employees of the Company in no way conflict with the interest ... 2012 to issue dividend warrant ... with specimen ...

The Companies (compliance Certificate) Rules, 2001

... (Compliance Certificate) ... deposited the amount of dividend declared including ... 18. the directors have disclosed their interest in other firms/companies ...

Chemfab Alkalis Limited

To declare Dividend on Equity Shares. 3. To appoint a Director in the place of Mr. T.Ramabadhran, who retires

We warrant that the above information is true, ... Dividend/interest income C] Landed Property Vehicles Cl Listed Securities Cash (Deposit

Al Noor Annual 2013 Pf

• Activities and involvement of directors and employees of the Company in no way conflict with the interest ... dividend @ 5 .i.e ... dividend warrant ...

Annual Report

encashed his/their dividend warrant(s) is/are requested in his/their own interest to write to the ... signed as per specimen recorded with the

Annual Report 2009-2010

Members are requested to produce the enclosed attendance slip duly signed as per the specimen ... to Unpaid Dividend ... the dividend warrant(s) ...

Al Noor Annual 2012 Pf

Al-Noor Sugar Mills Limited is guided by the following ... declared by the Company in future instead of issuing a dividend warrant, ... Interest on funds utilized in ...

Corporate - I*trade@cimb

Investment Objective Short Term Long Term Dividend Interest Capital Growth Risk ... of CIMB’s General Terms and Conditions ... 4. RIGHTS ISSUE, WARRANT AND OTHER ...

Shriram Investments Limited - Bombay Stock Exchange

SHRIRAM INVESTMENTS LIMITED ... accordance with the specimen ... applicants will be intimated along with the refund warrant, if applicable, to be sent. Interest on

Serial No. Caf Common Application Form

LIC Mutual Fund / AMC will endeavour to use ECS o r Direct Credit or Warrant / Draft mode for payment of dividend/redemption but retains ... beneficial interest of ...

Rules & Regulations Governing The Operation of Current

... draft, dividend warrant or other ... from the specimen furnished by the ... The interest on daily debit balance in the Account shall accrue daily with ...

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